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SIMEngage – Jabez LeBret

Jabez LeBret, Chief Innovation Officer, Get Noticed Get Found

Crushing LinkedIn
LinkedIn is becoming an essential part of you. As more savvy employers are turning to social media to gather information on potential candidates, having a LinkedIn profile that represents you is essential. This presentation will show you how to make your profile standout among the masses. Plus, you’ll also discover ways to improve your overall effectiveness on LinkedIn.

About Jabez LeBret
Jabez has delivered over 900 presentations over the last nine years all over the world, from Saudi Arabia to Bogota, Colombia, to organizations including Microsoft, Nordstrom, Deloitte, Boeing, and GE–just to name a few. Having worked for five years as a financial analyst managing a $33 million budget, he understands the importance of spending your marketing budget wisely.

Jabez is considered a leading authority on monetizing social media and often speak at industry conferences on this subject. Currently at GNGF, Jabez specializes in SEO, social media conversion, traffic strategies, and client learning and development.