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SIMEngage – Nathan Engels

Nathan Engels, SEO Analyst, LEAP Agency

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Find out how you can maximize your efforts on the photo eccentric website. You will learn how to increase traffic to your website while also gaining new followers. You will also uncover ways to increase the overall effectiveness of how you use the popular social media website.

About Nathan Engels
Nathan started blogging in 2007 and today has two large blogs with over 250,000 unique visitors monthly and 200,000 social connections. Story telling is in his blood. Featured by the Wall Street Journal, US Today and many others, he usually as something to say.

You might even want to Google him or just look him up on Netflix. In early 2013, he became a SEO analyst at LEAP, focusing on organic growth for clients like Fruit of the Loom, Russell Athletic and Texas Roadhouse. He resides in Cincinnati with his wife and daughter.