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SIMEngage – Panel: Adam Singer and Michael Loban

Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google
Michael Loban, Chief Marketing Officer, InfoTrust, LLC

Apps, Measurement, Analytics & Future Trends
The future of digital marketing and social media marketing is about measurement, analytics, apps and more. Smart marketers need to stay on top of the trends, and understand how to analyze and measure their results. This forward-thinking section will focus on keeping you on the cutting edge by diving into some of the most advanced topics in digital marketing.

About Adam Singer
Adam Singer is Analytics Advocate at Google, tech industry speaker, startup adviser and blogger. He previously was digital director for a global consulting team and has created digital strategies for brands in a variety of industries including marketing technology, healthcare, manufacturing, advertising/subscription-based web startups, and much in between. Singer and his campaigns have been cited by top media outlets such as TechCrunch, NY Times and more for creative use of digital marketing and PR. Singer blogs at The Future Buzz – an award-winning blog and frequently-referenced source of what’s new in digital and is a contributing columnist at ClickZ.