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SIMEngage – Panel: Anum Hussain, Shana Douglas and Kevin Dugan

Anum Hussain, Inbound Marketing Manager, HubSpot
Shana Douglas, Digital Marketing and Media Manager, LaSenza
Kevin Dugan, Director of Content Strategy, Empower MediaMarketing

Content Marketing and Creation
Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in social media and internet marketing. This program will focus on how to create killer content and trends in social media content creation. Social media has become more cluttered, and you need GREAT content in order to standout. Learn how content plays a key role in your digital strategy, and how to take your content to the next level.

About Anum Hussain
Anum Hussain is an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot where she manages the overall content strategy for its inbound sales vision and product marketing strategy for Signals, a new chrome extension for salespeople. Anum has been recognized for her strides in the marketing and tech space. B2B Marketing Magazine named her one of ten 2013 rising stars while MITX selected her as one of ten members of its 2013 Future Leaders Group.

Off-the-clock Anum is the director of marketing for MIST, a national nonprofit scholastic tournament for high school students. She’s also a cookie monster, social photographer, and proud Ravenclaw. Beyonce is her patronus.

About Shana Douglas
Shana has over 12 years of experience in both Strategic Marketing and Brand Development. Her passion throughout her career has been the customer. With a special emphasis on Digital Marketing and Media, Shana has been strengthening and reinventing brands by establishing customer centric strategies focused on both acquisition, retention and building loyals. Shana is an expert in the ever-changing consumer relationship and how effective storytelling and content strengthens brand loyalty.

Through her best in class marketing strategies, Shana has helped many brands connect with their customers in an emotional and personal level, improving experiences, driving business objectives and increasing year over year engagement. She has a passion for doing so in her current role with LBrands as Digital Marketing & Media Manager for La Senza Lingerie as well her philanthropic initiatives and pro bono work.

In 2010, Shana founded of CultureMASH, a volunteer network of creative talent in all facets of marketing and design using their talents to give something back within their communities. Working pro bono for NPOs across the region of Southwest Ohio, who lacked both the budget and resources for elaborate marketing campaigns, Shana and her team were able to shine the spotlight on many deserving area groups and helped jump-start their marketing. In 2011, Shana was named one of 25 Top Women To Watch in Dayton, Ohio by WiBN and has been featured on www.shesnext.com as a woman leader.

About Kevin Dugan
Kevin Dugan is an award-winning expert in the fields of marketing, public relations, content marketing and social media. Blogging since 2002, he has been using the internet to advance his clients and his industry for the bulk of his 20-year career.

As Empower MediaMarketing’s director of content strategy, he uses a mix of art and science to help brands including Stonyfield Farms, Famous Footwear and LasikPlus tell stories. He’s also a mentor to startups at The Brandery, a nationally-ranked, seed stage consumer marketing venture accelerator.