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Courses vs. Certifications

Courses in Boot Camp Institute are self-guided. Each course is composed of beginner to advanced level topics. Begin with the material that is most relevant to you. Quizzes are available along the way so that you can test your knowledge before moving on to more complex material.

Certification programs are comprised of multiple training courses (4-8 courses, depending on the program). Plus 1:1 time with a trainer, weekly LiveCast covering hot topics in digital, and digital news updates to your inbox.

Certification Quick-Start Guides

Looking for a roadmap to Certification?

Click to download a Master Certification Quick-Start Guide. In each guide you’ll find:

> Certification Requirements
> Program Checklist
> 30-day Fast Track

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Navigating Your Account

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I finished a video but the topic isn't marking complete?

Click the “MARK COMPLETE” button below the topic video. You have to manually mark a topic complete to track your progression. You must watch the entire video to mark a topic complete.

How do I earn badges?

You will earn badges along your journey in the Boot Camp Institute.

Earn Spirit badges for being active online. For example, earn your On Your Way badge by logging in five time.

Achievement badges are earned by scoring 80% or higher on a quiz.

Lesson badges are awarded once you complete the quiz that is associated with that lesson. For example, earn your LinkedIn 100: Essentials badge by completing the LinkedIn 100 quiz.

Course Expert badges are awarded when all lesson quizzes are completed within that course.

Earn Leadership badges for high-level achievements. For example, the Black Ribbon badge is awarded when nine courses have been completed.

Where are the quizzes located?

The quizzes are located on the main course page. If you take course topics in order you will automatically be brought to the quiz after you finish the last topic.

Can I upgrade my access from an individual course to a certification?

Absolutely! Contact us – info@bootcampdigital.com to upgrade your access to a certification.


Is there a discount for multiple certifications?


YES!!!! If you have already purchased a certification you can add new ones for $200 off.




How do I schedule time to speak with a trainer?


From your homepage, click “Schedule 1:1 Office Hours with a Trainer.” To make sure that all members have access to our office hours, we limit bookings to 1 per member per month. You can also ask questions in the Facebook group or by joining our Q&A calls.




Need help? Contact us at success@bootcampdigital.com or 513.223.3878