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Navigating the digital space can be difficult – especially for those who are not “technologists”.  Boot Camp Digital will help you get your digital marketing in shape with our unique training and strategic consulting solutions.  Boot Camp Digital has a strong track record of providing best in class training and creative consulting.  Our client record speaks for itself.  Boot Camp Digital has worked with the biggest brand marketer (Procter and Gamble), the world’s biggest advertising agency (Euro RSCG) and the biggest digital marketing conference (ad:tech).  In all of these cases initial contracts have been expanded based on strong results (see our results page for more information).

Boot Camp Digital specializes in creating training programs for small business owners, marketing departments, sales staff, advertising agencies and public relations departments.  We create custom corporate training programs to specifically meet the needs of our clients and help them get results.  Our training materials are also used by The Institute for Social Media at Cincinnati State (where Krista Neher is also the managing director and main trainer) and are being incorporated into the first text book on social media marketing.

Our training courses and consulting practice cover all aspects of digital marketing including:

    • Social Media
    • Social Networks (i.e. Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn)
    • Blogging (Platforms, Technical Choices, Strategy, Execution, Writing, Marketing)
    • Microblogging (twitter)
    • Community Building
    • Community Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Display and Pay per Click Campaigns
    • Social Media Outreach
    • Online Brand and Reputation Management
    • Corporate Websites (i.e. design for success, landing page optimization, usability)
    • Measuring Return on Investment
    • Blogger and Influencer Outreach
    • Analytic Reporting
    • Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Content Development
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Viral Marketing
    • Multimedia Marketing (video, photos)

We offer both public training with live courses and internal training for organizations.

The Difference

Our intensive courses are designed to provide you with a strong understanding of the digital space as well as help you create an action plan to start using digital strategies to build your business.  You will walk away with a solid action plan and the knowledge and tools to bring it to life.

We know that your time is valuable – we’ve worked hard to develop training programs that give you results.  Get your digital marketing in shape today with BootCampDigital.

The Principle – Krista Neher

Krista Neher is a leading authority, trainer, educator, author and international speaker on Internet marketing and social media, and is currently the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a leading provider of social media marketing training and consulting solutions. Krista is a social media pioneer; creating one of the first successful corporate Twitter strategies and corporate blogs – long before “social media” was even a recognized term. Krista is also the author of “Social Media Field Guide: Discover the Strategies, Tactics and Tools for Successful Social Media Marketing” and is currently working on the first textbook on social media marketing. In addition, Krista is currently the managing director of the Institute for Social Media at Cincinnati State and has trained thousands of people in social media marketing.

Krista has deep roots in marketing, having worked at Procter and Gamble for almost six years in a career spanning sales, finance and marketing. During her career at P&G, Krista worked on the biggest brands (Tide, Folgers) and on some of the most successful launches in the history of the company. She was consistently rated as a top performer. Krista then went on to become vice president of marketing for the Internet startup Photrade.com. While at Photrade, Krista became deeply immersed in social media marketing and technologies. She was one of the first marketers to incorporate these emerging platforms into successful marketing strategies.

Upon leaving Photrade, Krista founded Boot Camp Digital, a company that provides training and strategic consulting solutions to companies of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.  Through Boot Camp Digital, Krista worked with Procter & Gamble on its first social media marketing effort and helped build a model now replicated throughout the entire organization. Krista has also created training programs for a number of companies including a year-long digital marketing training program for Euro RSCG, the world’s largest advertising agency. Boot Camp Digital also provides social media solutions for small businesses, startups and provided social media support to ad:tech – the country’s largest digital marketing conference.

Krista is a sought-after public speaker for her engaging and entertaining keynotes and seminars. Krista is a regular speaker at a variety of industry conferences and presented at prestigious events including: Search Engine Strategies, The American Marketing Association, The Ad Club, Connected Marketing Week, Blog Her, Mobile X Conference, Social Media Club, The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Blog Indiana, Association Trade Shows, College Career Days, Women Entrepreneurs Inspire at Oklahoma State, and many more. In addition to speaking around the world, Krista is an avid blogger both at the Boot Camp Digital Blog and The Marketess. She has contributed articles to Adrants and Mobile Marketer. Krista is also an advisor to a number of companies including Girlfriendology.com and Phd-Connect.


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