August 2022 Digital Marketing News Updates

Facebook News Updates

Instagram News Updates

  • Users can remix all public content – This provides more creative opportunities for users to repurpose the content of others. 
  • New Templates Make Reels Easier – Including placeholder videos, music and transitions. This makes it faster to create new content on Reels. The new dual camera feature will allow recording from 2 cameras at once so you can film something and your reaction.
  • All videos will be Shared as Reels – Stay tuned as all video content on Instagram will be shared via Reels providing great new viral opportunities. 
  • Reels can Be Boosted – If you want to quickly promote your Reels, you can now Boost them at the click of a button. 

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn Launches Carousels – Previously users could create a carousel-style look by uploading multiple pdfs. Now the format is official and users can choose a carousel as a post type. This format is shown to have more engagement and reach, so be sure to test it out. 
  • LinkedIn Launches Public Beta of Business Manager – As LinkedIn has grown their business tools haven’t kept pace with Facebook. They are now officially launching a public beta of a business manager to make it easier to manage pages. This should make it easier for businesses to manage their business assets.
  • LinkedIn Quarterly Results Show Record Engagement Growth – LinkedIn is growing fast – with record engagements, users and strong revenue growth. 

YouTube News Updates

  • YouTube Launches Tool to Quickly Trim Videos into Shorts – As the traditional social networks scramble to win in the short video format, YouTube is making it easy for users to trim their long videos into shorts. This is great example of content repurposing where brands can generate lots of different video formats from a single piece of content. 

Industry News Updates

  • Google Pushes Back Cookieless Future by a Year – Google says cookies aren’t going away just yet – 2024 is the new anticipated timeline. This gives the industry more time to create robust tracking tools to replace them. 
  • Meta + Google Duopoly on Ad Spend Weakens – As new players and formats become more mainstream, Google and Meta are losing their combined share of the advertising market. Players like TikTok and Snapchat are increasingly earning share and in-stream video and e-commerce ads are growing. 

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