Digital Marketing Foundations Certification

Welcome to the Boot Camp Digital Digital Marketing Foundations Certification program! In this course, learn the importance of having a clear digital strategy in place. Know the key aspects of email marketing, building a website, integrating SEO into your overall digital strategy, digital advertising, measurement and analytics. Get exactly what you need to know to make smart key decisions for your business.

To complete the Digital Marketing Foundations Certification, follow these steps:

STEP 1 – Complete Courses

Complete the lessons below. It is recommended that you complete all of the lessons as they prepare you for the content in the final assessment. Quizzes are available in each of the eight sections that are there to further prepare you for the final test.

STEP 2 – Pass Digital Marketing Foundations Test

A single 40 question, cumulative test is required in order to assess your knowledge in Digital Marketing Foundations. A score of 70% or above is required to obtain your certification. You may take the test multiple times. Take the Digital Marketing Foundations Test here.

STEP 3 – Submit Assignment

Download your Digital Marketing Foundations Action Planner by scrolling below to COURSE MATERIALS. We recommend you download this early on so that you can fill this in as you go through your courses. The Action Planner does not need to be 100% complete – some sections may not apply to your business. Aim to complete about 70 – 80% of it based on what is relevant for your business case. You will first need to complete the Digital Marketing Foundations test in order to submit your Action Planner. Submit your Digital Marketing Foundations assignment here.

STEP 4 – Display Your Certification

Proudly display your credentials on your website, LinkedIn and other social networks. See how to display your Certification on your LinkedIn profile here.

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Schedule office hours to speak with a Boot Camp Digital instructor. If you have questions about the curriculum or how to apply it to your business, schedule a call to speak with one of our experienced trainers.

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Course Includes

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