February 2022 Digital Marketing News Updates

Facebook News Updates

  • Facebook removes profile videos – You should see a notification if you have one. These will be removed by Feb 7 so be sure to update back to an image before then.
  • Facebook / Meta Updates Advertising Policies – All of their main policies have been updated, but the one to watch is the advertising policies. This is also a great resource if you run ads across industries as you can see the specific restrictions to be aware of.

Instagram News Updates

LinkedIn Updates

Industry News Updates

  • Social Spend Overtakes TV This Year – This chart shows the growth rates of different types of digital ads. Social media is the highest growth and importantly will overtake TV. This could increase competition and drive up prices.
  • Instagram Stories Benchmark Report – Shows how brands are using Stories. More brands are using stories. Reach is dropping. Posts provide better reach vs. Stories.
  • Brands are thinking about Social Communities in 2022 – 64% Of brands are thinking about social communities as a space for investment. As groups get more traction in the newsfeed vs. pages this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Consider how you can facilitate communities as a part of your strategy.
  • Marketers Digital Skills are Falling – YIKES!!! This data shows an unsustainable and widening skill gap. Organizations need a clear plan to address internal skills and marketers should take charge of their growth potential.

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