January 2021 Digital Marketing News Updates

Facebook News Updates

  • Brands can collaborate with Groups – Facebook expanded brands collaboration manager so brands can now partner with groups. It will show eligible public groups that brands can reach out to for partnerships.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • Products Now Available for Pages – Pages can add and feature their products from their LinkedIn Page. This could be an interesting way to promote specific products/services and grow the reach of your Page through search. It is probably worth spending a few minutes to add them.
  • LinkedIn Testing Ads in Stories – This is in Beta but if you aren’t thinking about LinkedIn Stories yet, it shows the potential.

Twitter Updates

Google News Updates

Digital Industry News

  • Social Networks Grow in Pandemic – Despite the negative press, the major social networks all saw more growth in users during the pandemic. Facebook + Instagram were huge beneficiaries and Snap Chat is growing quickly as well.
  • WordPress Powers 40% of All Websites – Clearly the leading platform. This means that it will be the first platform for most major integrations.
  • Salesforce Acquires Slack – This huge purchase could mean integration into Salesforce but also a bigger backer with more to invest in the platform.

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