January 2024 Digital News Updates: Instagram’s Flipside, Adobe Shares Creative Trends, and More!

Facebook and Meta News Updates

Instagram News Updates

  • Instagram Flipside: Sharing everything was all the rage until it wasn’t. Instagram, Facebook, and even X all adopt users’ desires for privacy. Instagram’s version, Flipside, will allow you to create an alternative profile to segment with multiple populations.
  • Reels Outperforms TikToks in Views: Read this article for the full details, but the takeaway is Reels outperformed TikTok in every category.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn Tests AI-Based Learning: LinkedIn is at it again, adding more AI features to their education resources this month. One feature includes a coaching element that will give you tips to improve set skills.

TikTok News Updates

X (Formerly Twitter) News Updates

Digital News Update

  • Google’s Tracking Protection on Google Chrome:  You will now get the option on Google Chrome not to be tracked by third-party cookies. What does this mean? If your website is not set up correctly, it may not run effectively, so be sure you are set up correctly.
  • Third-Party Data Limitation Could Be an Issue for SMBs: With more privacy controls on data, you will see more limitations on third-party data. Now is the time to look into how to use strategy with your first-party data for a better ROI.
  • The Most and Least Valuable Social Media Advertising Chart: This is a great chart to start our year. It looks at data from 2023 and rates the average CPM on selected social media platforms. Here is our takeaway: remember, rather than solely relying on the CPM, consider the audience’s location before you make any adjustments for 2024.
  • Adobe’s 2024 Visual Trends and Social Media Impact: Adobe came out with four distinct categories for 2024, which include calming rhythms, wonder and joy, dynamic dimensions, new nostalgia, and fluid and flowing forms.

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