July 2022 Digital Marketing News Updates

Facebook News Updates

  • Meta Launches new Community Reviews Guidelines – Meta now has clear guidelines for community reviews and Q&A. This may help businesses fight back against fake reviews. It also specifically limits incentivization with an aim of keeping reviews authentic.
  • Facebooks Main Feed will Look More Like TikTok – With more discovery built-in in an effort to take on the popular video platform. This could mean more reach for great content and bring back the opportunity to truly go viral on Facebook. 

  • Meta Adds Targeting Detail to Ads Library – For political and social issue ads you can now see the specific targeting used in the ads. Be careful how you target as this is now public information (only for political and social ads). 

LinkedIn News Updates




  • TikTok Opens API – You can now post and schedule from popular social platforms directly onto the platform. This will really open TikTok up to marketers who struggle with natively using the platform.




Industry News Updates

  • Digital Ad Budgets Diversify – Ad spending is becoming more diverse with spending from the 3 big players (Google, Meta + Amazon) declining. Other channels are growing like Walmart, Spotify, Snapchat, Instacart, Roku and more. This also signals more opportunities for marketers – especially on lower-funnel platforms and marketplaces.
  • Meta + Tech Giants For Meta Standards Body – Setting standards in the Metaverse will make it accessible to more people more quickly and make advertising easier. 

  • Metavers Spending Expected to be HUGE – A lot of this isn’t necessarily driven by “meta” but includes games like Roblox and Minecraft. Projections are $5 Trillion in spending. 
  • Adobe Plans to Make Photoshop on the Web Free for Everyone – Possibly combatting online tools like Canva and Picmonkey, photoshop is launching a free online version.

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