July 2024 Digital Updates – Facebook AI Chatbots, New LinkedIn Premium Pages, the Threads API is Here!

Facebook and Meta News Updates

  • Pages with 10K+ can use Broadcast Channels – This gives you a direct line to your followers’ DMs. You can send “broadcast messages” via Messenger. This has the potential to annoy your audience, so use it sparingly if you have access.
  • AI Chatbots in Messaging – Managing Messenger is a hassle for many business owners. Meta is now introducing AI, which will be a huge step up from the chatbots of a few years ago. If you get many messages for your Page, this is definitely worth exploring.
  • Meta Updates Horizon Worlds – If you thought the Metaverse was dead, think again! Meta is re-investing in It, showing that it continues to believe in the platform’s future.
  • Meta Tests Creative Variants for Reels – This could be a great way to optimize creative on-the-go. Users reported seeing the option to A/B test Reels content. This could be a great way to accelerate creative performance in Reels.

Instagram News Updates

  • Shares are More Important in the Algorithm – The head of Instagram reiterated that shares are a key ranking factor in the algorithm. If you want to improve your content visibility on IG – focus on shares!

Threads News Updates

  • Threads API is here – This means Threads can be added to your social media schedulers! You should be able to post, reply and view content on third-party tools, as well as track your performance. This is a big win for social media managers wanting to do more on the platform.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • New Premium Pages – These are paid accounts that will give Pages access to more features, for example, custom call-to-action buttons and testimonial highlights. It isn’t yet clear how much this feature costs and not all Pages have access yet.

TikTok News Updates

YouTube News Update

  • YouTube Rolls Out Thumbnail Tests – You can now test and optimize thumbnails for your videos! Thumbnails are key to driving views, so this is a great opportunity to increase clicks in search and video views.

Google News Update

Digital Industry News Update

  • Reddit Traffic up 39% – Reddit is growing like crazy – some attribute this to prominent ranking in Google searches. Either way, this could make Reddit a strong opportunity for your business.

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