March 2023 Digital News Updates – AI in marketing heats up

Facebook News Updates

  • Meta Adds New Ad Transparency – In the “why am I seeing this ad?” section, you’ll now get more data about the target that the advertiser is using. This is a HUGE opportunity to learn more about your competitor’s advertising strategies.
  • Meta AI Ads Linked to Higher ROI – In new tests with Advantage+ for advertisers, meta has found significantly higher ROI through AI targeting vs. advertiser entered targeting. Creating broad audiences for lower funnel ads is increasingly a strategy that can harness AI and payout.
  • Meta Launches Paid Verifications – Keep in mind this is ONLY for profiles. But for $12/month you can get increased support and a blue badge.
  • Meta Trends Report Released – This shows the key data-based trends Meta is noticing on the platform. A great read if you want to keep current on culture and consumer trends.

Instagram News Updates

  • Instagram Launches Channels – This is a new broadcast chat feature. I’m already worried about spammers!  😉 This could be another great tool for businesses to stay front and center with their target audience.

Twitter News Updates

  • Twitter Blue Users Get Longer Tweets – Up to 4,000 characters! Now Blue users (paid verified accounts) get the benefits of the blue logo, longer videos and longer tweets. Twitter has also said Blue content will be prioritized in the algorithms.
  • Twitter Cuts More Staff as Revenue Declines – Twitter has eliminated 70% of its workforce. This could be a serious problem if the platform continues to decline.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn Adds Starred Conversations – You can now more easily track the conversations that matter to you (especially needed with SO. MUCH. SPAM.) and filter messages to starred conversations only.
  • LinkedIn Adds SEO Options for Articles – You can now set your SEO title and description. This shows a focus on driving more organic reach from search engines to your content. With the high authority of the LinkedIn site, articles could be a great tool to use in dominating search results.
  • LinkedIn Ads Interest Targeting – You can now target by interests – but LinkedIn takes it a step further. You can target product interests, for example, to get even more focused.
  • LinkedIn Newsletters can now be Scheduled – YAY!
  • LinkedIn Activity Shown Visually – LinkedIn is joining the visual bandwagon and featuring the visuals of posts more prominently in activity feeds. Take a look at yours to check that it represents your personal brand appropriately.

TikTok News Updates

  • TikTok Increases Research Data in Creative Center – If you want to know exactly what is trending for certain products, you can now dive in through the TikTok creative center. It has even more data about trends behind specific products, including top videos and themes. This is a powerful research tool for serious content creators.
  • TikTok Launches Sounds for Business – With a specific audio library for businesses to use in the creation process.
  • TikTok Tests In-Stream Shopping – This shows that TikTok is looking to increase their commerce capabilities. If you sell products online, pay attention!

Digital Marketing News Updates

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