March 2024 Digital Updates – Threads AI and Cross-posting, IG Creator Marketplace, TikTok Could Pull More Music

Facebook and Meta News Updates

  • Meta Predictions for AR/VR and Metaverse – After the hype (and lack of hype) around the Metaverse, Meta shared realistic views on its future. Specifically, 1) Metaverse does show promise and growth, 2) AI will be integrated everywhere, and 3) Messaging is still a huge opportunity.
  • Threads Tests AI – For marketers to get serious about the platform, it will NEED a strong API. They are currently testing with limited partners.
  • Meta Tests Crossposting Facebook to Threads – Since users are already on Facebook, encouraging cross-posting is a good strategy to drive the use of Threads. Once content is there, users will be incentivized to visit with notifications and comments. This shows their continued commitment to the platform.

Instagram News Updates

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn is Building Public Groups – These groups can be a great way to increase visibility. They haven’t launched yet but are fully documented online. Stay tuned!
  • LinkedIn Algorithm Content – With more discovery content, your posts can reach more people for longer. Focus on evergreen content and quality over quantity.
  • LinkedIn Releases Sales Tips – Check this out if you want to see how LinkedIn recommends you use the platform for sales growth.

TikTok News Updates

  • TikTok Monthly Trends – This shows the trending video formats for the month. It is a great source of inspiration for brands.
  • TikTok Rolls Out “Identify Similar Products” – This increases shopping on the platform. Users can find products similar to the ones seen in videos. This could be problematic for those driving Amazon sales through their presence but is great for businesses with TikTok shops.
  • More Music Could be Pulled From TikTok – The dispute with Universal Music continues, and more songs could be pulled. This represents 30% of the music on TikTok. (NOTE: TikTok is already muting the music).
  • REPORT: Brands See Less Engagement on TikTok – If your engagements are down you aren’t alone.  Studies show big declines over the past few years.

YouTube News Updates

Google News Updates

Digital News Update

  • How Marketers are Using AI – This report shows how marketers are using AI. Most marketers use it to support the content process.
  • New Social Media Benchmarking Report – If you are looking for benchmarks for social media, this report is a great resource.
  • Pew Research American Social Media Use – Facebook and TikTok top the charts in terms of use, but there are significant differences for different age groups.
  • We are Social 2024 Report is LIVE – This is the most comprehensive global report on digital and social media trends. Check out the latest updates.

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