May 2024 Digital Updates -Meta Launches Llama 3, Instagram Brings Back Originality and More

Facebook and Meta News Updates

  • Meta Announces Their Take on AI Transparency: Meta is taking a broader approach to AI-generated content. While they agree that transparency and labeling are necessary, their new policy update leaves more room for creators. You will now see labels like “Made with AI” and “Imagined with AI” with this new update. 
  • Meta Has Year-Over-Year Q1 Growth: After three years of stagnant growth, Meta saw large earnings growth in Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023. The two largest growth sectors were the US and Canada and Asia-Pacific. 
  • Llama 3 – The New AI Assistant: Meta announced its AI update Llama 3 this month across all its platforms. You can now see a blue circle in your feed, chats, search, and more. The AI update boosts faster image generation, enhanced quality, and optimized outputs compared to its competitors. 
  • Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Get Major Update With Llama 3: They got more styles, and the new Llama 3 update across all Meta platforms made the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses completely immersable. Have a question? Just ask your glasses. Need to record a video? Do it completely hands-free. 

Instagram News Updates

  • Original Content Gets A Boost on Instagram: #OG. The new Instagram algorithm update boosts original content posts over reposts and shares, a huge win for content creators. 
  • Threads Has 150M Active Users: It launched hot and then slowed a bit. But here is the catch: Threads is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it is gaining speed. If it fits into your strategy, it is worth looking into. 
  • Earn Up to $5,000 to Post on Threads: Here is the catch: you must be an influencer with a minimum following. The goal is to encourage more growth on Threads, which seems to work. 

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn Reports Record Engagement:  In fact, LinkedIn has posted record levels of engagement since 2018. If you are not on LinkedIn, you probably should be. 
  • Premium Company Pages Launches:  This will be a great way to boost your growth strategies, but remember this is a paid feature and is currently in beta. 
  • LinkedIn’s Most In-Demand Skills: You guessed it, Marketing!!!! Social Media, SEO, and Marketing are all among the top skills listed in 2024! Check out the full infographic and article for all the details. 

Pinterest News Updates

  • Pinterest Sees Global Growth: Don’t ignore Pinterest, especially if you are a visual brand. Pinterest is one of the best ways to increase awareness and drive traffic. If you have not included it in your strategies, now is a great time to re-evaluate. 

Google and Digital News Update

  • Performance Max Campaigns Get Updates: Once again, Google has honed its Performance Max to give advertisers more control and make it a better option. Read the full details to see all the changes available. 
  • Is Your Site Up to Speed in 2024? New research indicates that the average site speed is around 1.3 seconds. If your website is measuring at a slower speed, then you need to take steps to keep your users engaged. 
  • Are Backlinks Really Necessary?: Google confirms that links are not all that important in SEO strategies. So what is important? It’s your overall SEO strategy. 
  • Goodbye Cookies on Chrome: Don’t rush. Third-party cookies are leaving at the end of Q4, so you have some time to say goodbye. 
  • Financial Times and OpenAI Announce Partnership: Why is this great? When you generate content or summarize an article from the Financial Times, it will link back with a citation. When used correctly, this gives the platform more credibility and transparency. 

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