November 2021 Digital Marketing News Updates

Facebook News Updates

  • Facebook Changes Name to Meta – This doesn’t impact the name of Facebook (the app). It is the name of the parent company that owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and Facebook. The name signals that Facebook believes the future is in the Metaverse – a broad term for virtual experiences like AR and VR.
  • Facebook Launches Video Calls for Businesses – Businesses can now enable audio and video calling features via Messenger and WhatsApp. This could be a great way to connect with customers and be accessible.
  • Facebook adds Appointment Booking – Businesses can now use this free feature to allow people to book appointments directly through the app.

Instagram News Updates

LinkedIn Updates

Other Social Networks Round-Up

  • Twitter Launches Professional Profiles – You have to apply to gain the designation, but Twitter is opening up professional profiles to all users. Professional profiles give you more opportunities to customize your profile for your business.
  • YouTube Views Down Due to Seasonality – If your views are dropping on YouTube it may not be you. Many users are reporting activity declines, however, YouTube data shows that it is a seasonal impact.
  • YouTube Lets Creators Live Caption Live Streams – Captions make video content more accessible. Add live captions to all of your video content to make it work for the “sound-off” crowd.
  • TikTok Shares Data – Showing why people use the app and how it creates an authentic space for people.

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