September 2022 Digital News Update

Facebook News Updates

  • Meta Announces B2B Targeting in Their Ad Platform – I’m looking forward to testing this new feature soon. Meta now has defined a handful of B2B audiences allowing more marketers to get results from the platform.

  • Meta Shares Ranking System for Videos – There are 4 elements that determine how a video will rank in the algorithm. Originality, Audience Loyalty, Audience Retention and Engagement. Master these to boost your video views.

Instagram News Updates

  • Reels Generates Most Reach and Engagement – A new study shows that reels are generating the most reach and engagement of the post types on Instagram. At the same time, the most popular post type is images. Maybe it’s time to adapt your posting strategy to maximize results?
  • New Reels Features – Last month all videos on Instagram became reels. Now the platform has launched a number of new features including converting stories to reels, monetization options, crossposting and more. 
  • Report: How People Use Instagram – Check out this DETAILED report on Instagram use that you can use to better inform your brand strategy. 
  • How to Optimize For Instagram Recommended Content – As Instagram grows discoverability getting your platform discovered in the recommended content section is key to viral visibility. Instagram shares the top ways to get into the recommended content algorithm: Original content, Reels Content and Optimized for search (description, hashtags, etc.)

LinkedIn News Updates

New Network Update: BeReal

  • BeReal Grows in Popularity- BeReal is an emerging photo social network. This unique network encourages users to take REAL, unfiltered and unedited photos. It also launched a simultaneous front/back camera. This shows the trend toward more authenticity in social media.
  • Instagram Copies BeReal Features – Instagram launched a front/back camera last month. It is also launching similar BeReal challenges to compete with the new network.

SEO News

  • Google Launches Helpful Content Update – The latest search update prioritizes content that is “helpful”. While the impact isn’t yet clear, the intent of the search engine is. Original, high quality content will rank best (although is this really new?!?!?). We’ll see the impact as it rolls out. 
  • Google Provides More Guidance on GOOD Meta Descriptions – They officially shared “good” and “bad” examples and guidance. Don’t keyword stuff or repeat throughout your site. Do include original content from the page that is relevant and customized.


  • Reaserch: Videos People are Watching and Why: New research shows the videos that people are watching and why. This is a great report to help you hone in your video strategy. Keep in mind – it is user reported NOT based on actual view metrics. 
  • New Youtube Dedicated Podcast Site – This site showcases podcasts through YouTube. This is another great syndication channel for your podcast and also shows the importance of podcasts in the marketing mix.

Digital Ads Updates

    • Google Ads Attention Metrics to Display Ads – Google adds two new metrics to their ad platform intended to highlight the quality of the ad views. This applies to display ads and will provide data around the estimated attention based on player sizes and audience data from Google Analytics.

Digital Marketing News Updates

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