SEO Certification

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Earn your Search Engine Optimization Certification by completing the following steps:

POWER TIP: Download your SEO Action Planner NOW
(click below for PDF or Word document) and fill it in as you progress through your courses.


STEP 1 – Complete Courses

Complete the four courses that are accessible below or from your homepage.

  • You are not required to watch all course videos or pass all course quizzes.
  • These four courses are designed to prepare you to complete the requirements for Certification: pass the final test (Step 2), then complete and upload your Action Planner (Step 3).
  • This program is self-guided so begin with courses and lessons most relevant to you or your business.
  • Courses are structured from 100-Level Beginner to 400-Level Advanced.
  • A quiz is available at the end of each lesson so you can test your knowledge before moving on to more complex material. These quizzes are not required for Certification.
  • Most final test questions are from the 200 and 300 levels of these eight courses:



POWER TIP: Click “Mark Complete” after watching each course video in its entirety so that your progress is tracked as you advance through each course.

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STEP 2 – Pass SEO Certification Test

A single 40-question, cumulative test is required in order to assess your knowledge in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Questions will be taken from the four courses listed above.
  • A score of 70% or above is required to obtain your certification.
  • You may take the test multiple times.
  • You must pass the test before uploading your Action Planner.
  • Take the SEO Certification Test here.

STEP 3 – Submit Your Action Planner

Upload your completed SEO Action Planner for review.

  • The Action Planner does not need to be 100% complete – some sections may not apply to your business. Aim to complete about 70 – 80% of it based on what is relevant for your business case.
  • Download your Action Planner by clicking the image below – choose either a PDF or Word document.
  • We recommend you download this early on so that you can fill this in as you progress through your courses.
  • Submit your SEO Action Planner here.
  • Allow for 1-week review of your final assignment. NOTE: You must have an active membership to submit your Action Planner and earn your certification. If your membership expires before your Action Planner can be reviewed, your certification will not be issued. Please plan accordingly.

STEP 4 – Display Your Certification

Proudly display your credentials on your website, LinkedIn and other social networks.

  • Your Action Planner will be reviewed by our expert trainers. Please allow for 1-week review of your final assignment.
  • You will receive email notification upon approval of your Action Planner.
  • Once notified, find your downloadable Certificate by going to the “My Achievements” tab on the left-side of your homepage.
  • See how to display your Certification on your LinkedIn profile here.

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