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Bonus Material! Digital Marketing Tools

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Get Headline Inspiration (Maybe?) with Linkbait Generator

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This tool should be categorized as fun and amusing, but MAYBE helpful or able to inspire some creativity. Go to Linkbait Generator and type in your topic (for example digital marketing) and the tool will automatically generate different shocking headlines. The headlines are engineered to drive clicks by being shocking or intriguing.

The headlines are funny and maybe not be 100% useful or relevant, but 1) They can be amusing and 2) They may inspire your creativity if you are stuck with finding a good headline.

It is free but you have to enter an email to access it (you can enter any madeup email address if you don’t want to give up yours).

When to Use it:

To help you come up with a headline for a post or a way to frame the topic you are writing about.


  • Free
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Amusing


  • Many of the headlines are funny but not really usable depending on your topic.