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Adobe Spark is a great tool to quickly and easily create videos with text + images. You can also add audio and actual video clips if needed. The main advantage is that it is REALLY easy to use – the reason it is easy to use though, is that it doesn’t have a ton of options. This means that you can’t really customize the videos much. You are limited to templates with fonts + colors pre-determined. That being said, if you can make them work you have a great video without a lot of effort.

That being said, we’ve created a handful of great videos easily. The first time we used it we created a video in only 20 minutes that we shared at a conference. If you are creative this can be fun 😉

When to Use it:

To quickly create a video without a lot of customization focused on images + text.


  • Free
  • Easy – almost no learning curve
  • Fast – create a good video (if you have the idea) in under an hour


  • Limited to templates
  • Not flexible
  • Won’t work for all types of videos