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Buffer is one of our favorite social media tools for businesses that have a lot of Evergreen content and a presence on multiple social networks. Buffer makes it incredibly easy to mass-schedule posts on multiple social networks if you want to post similar content on various networks. While Facebook or your big focus networks may warrant their own content and strategy, for networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ (if you still use it) and Pinterest you can post regular content from one place without looking like you are just posting the same content everywhere.

When To Use It:

Use BufferApp if you want to easily schedule content across social networks. You can customize the posts for each network, for example add hasthags to Tweets but not Facebook updates. It is really great if you plan to use similar content across your social networks and want to get a base of content scheduled out.


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap (use an Awesome account for $100 a year)
  • Saves a ton of time
  • Faster scheduling vs. Hootsuite and many others


  • Must monitor social networks to see how they come up
  • Doesn’t work as well if you don’t work in “batches” or plan in advance