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IFTTT stands for If This Than That — it is a great social media automation tool for the things that you really want to automate. It works off of “recipes” that basically use the logic of “if this happens, then do that” – for example – IF there is a new post on my blog THEN tweet the link + headline on my twitter account with “New Post”.

Automation in social media is tricky – it often creates spammy interactions or is obviously automated. IFTTT if used poorly can make you look terrible but if used well it can be a time saver. You can set parameters around your recipes “IF I post on Instagram with #SocialMedia THEN put the image in a Facebook album”.

When to Use It:

Use it for tasks that you want to automate – where you would 100% of the time do the same thing. Don’t use it to interact with people (auto messages) or to respond to people. Once you look around you’ll see that you can probably also make use of this in your personal life too (send me a text if it is supposed to rain tomorrow).


  • FREE
  • Works great
  • Easy to use
  • Fairly flexible


  • Not everything can be automated
  • Doing it poorly can make you look bad

Check back often to see if your recipes are working as intended and to be sure that you don’t have recipes that don’t make sense.